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How Fast Can A Gold Cart 4 Seater Goes?

by Leslie

If you’re considering buying a golf cart 4 seater, you need to know what type of speed you will receive rather than trying to outrun the world’s fastest golf cart. It is definitely worthwhile to explore into the world of golf cart aficionados if you haven’t already. Almost anything may be added to a golf cart to make it perform a certain function. Your golf cart may be modified to increase its power, improve its appearance, and most crucially, increase its speed.

What is the Typical Speed of Golf Carts?

Without any upgrades, the typical golf cart’s top speed ranges between 12 and 14 miles per hour.

The highest speed that you can get on a golf cart without any upgrades or modifications is around 14 mph. You might be curious as to whether one golf cart model is quicker than another. For instance, there are several kinds of golf carts, including electric and gas-powered models. Lithium-ion batteries with 48 and 36 volts of power are used in electric golf carts. How do these elements affect a cart’s speed, then? If you have any further queries, continue reading.

Do 48-Volt Carts Drive Faster than 36-Volt Carts?

The quick answer is no, however 48-volt carts do provide certain benefits. Golf carts powered by 36V and 48V batteries both have the same peak speed; however, the two have different amounts of torque and power. A 48V golf cart offers a few advantages over a 36V by giving the engine a little bit more power.

Faster acceleration: The 48V electric golf cart’s greater voltage gives the engine a little bit more pulling power, resulting in a little quicker reaction time when pressing the accelerator.

Longer range: Because a 48V electric golf cart uses fewer amps overall, it can travel farther before needing to be recharged.

Power on all surfaces: A 48V cart has somewhat more torque than a 36V cart, allowing it to move on hilly and uneven terrain.

A 48-volt golf cart is unquestionably the way to go if you’re searching for more rapid acceleration. The difference between the two is the same if you’re looking for an increase in overall speed.

Speed Chips and Speed Codes: What Are They?

Only EZGO carts are referred to as having “speed chips,” and the “speed chip” varies based on the model year of the vehicle. Older carts, which often run on 36 volts, will have a physical component that connects into the speed controller. The golf cart’s speed sensor translates the motor’s rpm, allowing the controller to set a top speed limit.

When you insert one of these physical chips into the speed controller, it will overcome the speed setting cap from before and produce greater speed settings. A code is needed for the cart’s computer if it is a modern model, typically 48 volts. By making these adjustments, you can increase your cart’s speed to about 19 mph. If you wish to go faster than that, you might consider upgrading your motor.

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