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All about teeth whitening machine:

by Leslie

A teeth whitening machine is generally used to whiten the teeth. Everyone wants to have white and shiny teeth. White teeth add grace and decency to the personality. It also boosts confidence and makes the smiles more adorable. Teeth whitening machines are considered major equipment of dental cosmetics primarily used by doctors. People use it in salons and at their homes as well. Using this machine, you can remove the pale yellow color of your teeth. Stains on teeth are also removed by using this machine. A teeth whitening machine can use a laser or different types of gels for effective results. The choice of whitening process depends upon the nature of stains on teeth.

External changes on teeth:

There are usually two types of lasting changes that occur to our teeth which a teeth whitening machine can nullify. These are discussed below;

Enamel thinning:

If we look at the anatomy of the teeth, we see a hollow chamber surrounded by a yellow-colored substance known as dentin. Enamel covers the dentin. As the enamel becomes thin, dentin is exposed, and teeth look more yellowish. To avoid the yellowish behavior, a person can use a teeth whitening machine.

Surface staining:

In our daily lives, most people do not care about their diet. The diet only controls the physical nature of a body but is also related to teeth health. If someone eats dark things more than ordinary, for example, chocolate, then dark stains can appear on his teeth. The use of tobacco, tea, and coffee also led to the appearance of dark colors on teeth.

Several methods of teeth whitening:

There are several methods by which the stains of teeth are removed. The way to be adopted depends upon the nature of the colors on the teeth. Some of the ways are given below;

Porcelain veneers:

These are usually applied when the stains on teeth are intense and there is internal discoloration of the teeth. There is a plastic sheet of porcelain that is used over the teeth. It gives whitening to the teeth and provides a natural look as well.

In-office whitening:

This method uses a beam of light to whiten the teeth. Rays of ultraviolet light are used to make the shades of white better. Consultation with a dentist has typically required if someone has a sensitivity or gum tissue.

Ready-to-use kit:

These kits can be used by a man himself in his home. These kits are usually stuffed with a whitening gum gel and are easy to use. These kits are also safe but produce an effect on teeth after taking some time.

Advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening:

Some apparent methods of teeth whitening are removing stains and making a smile more effective and adorable. Laser whitening is fast, precise, and much more efficient than traditional methods. However, there are some disadvantages of teeth whitening as well. It can lead to tooth enameling, teeth sensitivity, and irritation of the gums. On the other side, laser treatment is expensive and can also lead to teeth sensitivity.

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